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Company Introduction

Solar energy production equipment

Advanced photovoltaic cell production equipment and automatic feeding and discharging system;
Equipped with online monitoring module, real-time monitoring of the process, to ensure stable production and product quality.

  • Chain tufting machine
    In order to reduce the mechanical damage caused by the cutting process of the silicon wafer, the chain type velvet machine can enhance the absorption of light on the surface. The chain - making machine is the industry 's advanced equipment for removing the damage layer. Its features are as follows:

    >> The removal of the damage layer and the surface texture are completed in the same reaction tank
    >> Optimized design of hydrodynamic design, good uniformity of the surface
    >>Equipped with MANZ automatic feeding equipment
    >> Integrated online weighing system to realize on line monitoring of key process parameters
  • Chain PSG removal and pn- junction etching machine
    Chain etching machine at the same time to remove the PSG and the back of the pn- junction, its unique process design can not only ensure a good pn- junction etching (isolation), but also to remove the back of the pn- junction, to achieve the purpose of passivation of the back. Its features are as follows:

    >> PSG removal and PN junction isolation on the same device
    >> Back passivation process
    >> Single crystal and polycrystal etching
    >> Equipped with MANZ automatic feeding equipment
  • Diffusion furnace
    Diffusion furnace can meet the production needs of various spectral characteristics of solar cells. The automatic feeding and discharging system can reduce the pollution to the minimum and ensure the reproducibility of the diffusion results.
    >> Double sided, single side diffusion
    >> Automatic quartz boat transmission system, high equipment utilization
    >>Equipped with J& R automatic loading and unloading system
    >> Integrated online block resistance testing system ensures real-time monitoring of the process
  • Plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition
    The PECVD device is the best equipment for the silicon nitride antireflection coating of crystalline silicon solar cells. Equipped with automatic feeding and unloading system to ensure high productivity and uniform antireflection coating. The tube system is also suitable for high efficiency battery pack processes, such as PERC or PID-Free solar cells.
    >> Excellent passivation effect
    >> Full automatic graphite boat transmission system and automatic feeding and discharging system
    >> Integrated color detection module
    >> Advanced deposition time feedback system to reduce the impact of graphite boat
  • screen printing
    Double track screen printing line modular degree is high, convenient and more need to choose configuration. The optical debris detection system automatically detects the mechanical damage of the silicon wafer and removes the silicon wafer. After printing, the system can detect the printing quality of the front side, the back main grid and the back electric field.
    >> High productivity
    >> Low fragmentation rate
    >> Equipped with online printing quality inspection module
    >> Automatic detecting backside coated silicon wafer
    >> With two printing or two printing
  • Color and efficiency sorter
    Using the online high precision electrical performance tester, A+A+A+ spectra meet the IEC60904-9 Ed.2.0 standard. The classification of the final production cell of the tester and color division and module.
  • Wafer inspection equipment
    WIS silicon automatic sorting machine equipped with a variety of types of detection modules, such as appearance, size, silicon chip characteristics, such as crack and PL. The classification rules can be defined according to the results of inspection and measurement, and the results can be recorded and output in order to follow up and manage.
  • Sintering furnace
    The sintering furnace is used to burn organic residues without sintering to form metal contacts to achieve a more optimized ohmic contact.
    >> High heating rate and cooling rate to control the excellent process
    >> Short wave infrared combined with continuous functional monitoring to ensure the consistency of the process environment
    >> Optimization of mesh belt design to reduce its influence on sintering quality

Solar inspection equipment

WIC silicon wafer automatic sorting machine is equipped with various types of monitoring modules, such as appearance, size, silicon chip characteristics, such as crack and PL.
The classification rules can be defined according to the results of inspection and measurement, and the results can be recorded and output in order to follow up and manage.


MES(Manufacturing Execution System),Monitor the production status, the status of equipment, production process and data acquisition system is transferred to the SPC.
The workshop management system to achieve, automation and real-time, information acquisition and state tracking cell production process;
MES system and EPR system integration to achieve supply chain management, control production costs.

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