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Company Introduction

Zhenjiang Daquan Solar Energy Ltd is daqo group full investment subsidiary, the company is located in Jiangsu city of Yangzhong province new technology park. Complete solar cell project planning a total capacity of 750MW, a 250MW crystal silicon solar cell project "the introduction of automatic crystal silicon solar battery of foreign advanced production line, a total investment of RMB 865 million yuan, fixed assets investment 806 million 890 thousand and 100 yuan, is expected to put into operation in March 2011.

Daquan Group formerly known as Jiangsu Yangtze Electric Group, is an electrical industry, covering environmental protection, science and technology, investment, logistics, hotels, new energy and other fields of integrated enterprise groups. The company registered capital of 249 million 24 thousand and 800 yuan, for the Chinese funded enterprises, the legal representative of Mr. Xu Guangfu. After 40 years of development, has now become the daqo group engaged in high low voltage electrical components, environmental protection, high speed railway equipment, polysilicon raw materials, silicon solar modules and other industries of national large enterprise groups. The establishment of the Guinness Solar Energy Ltd to fill the Guinness group in the production of battery blank, so that the formation of the whole group of polysilicon from the PV modules are expected to integrate vertically.

Solar Energy Ltd aims to provide our customers with high quality crystalline silicon solar cells. "Customer satisfaction and insist on providing customers with high quality products" is the company's service tenet. In order to meet customer requirements and ensure the quality of crystalline silicon solar cells, the company at the beginning of construction planning of the advanced manufacturing execution system (MES) and improve the process control system (SPC), online strict quality control from all aspects of raw material incoming inspection to production, to ensure that each cell has been strict quality inspection.

The semiconductor and solar cell manufacturing and management experience in the company management team has years of experience, familiar with the domestic and foreign markets, rich. Company to "science and technology, green, harmonious" concept, is willing to contribute to the harmonious and sustainable development of human society.

Company Introduction
Company Introduction
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